Suede Shoulder Embroidered Handbag Zani S (H12)


Beautiful lightweight patch Suede leather handbag- embroidered and stitched. Embroidery is crewel needle work and art work is inspired by many different cultural influences from all over the world. The suede is recycled pieces of patch leather colored in different hues and different pieces are embroidered on and then stitched. 

Size: 10" x 9" x 3"

Style: H12 

Style Name: Zani-S

Item weight: 5-6oz

Package weight: 15-16oz


  • Over the shoulder
  • Two zip pockets on the outside
  • Main compartment is fully lined and has a zipper closure.
  • Shoulder Strap is 10"
  • Comes with two zippered pockets on the side of the main compartment.
  • The main section has a zipper closure as well.

Avoid Water. If your bag gets wet, let it dry naturally, and if there is a little spot, dab it with a dry cloth. For stains, please take it to a leather cleaner or take professional opinion.  

Each bag created by us has a unique design, color and pattern. We call our bags a joyous dream of happiness and we hope you or your loved ones love them as much as we do! 

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