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I have always loved embroidery. As far back as I think, I always enjoyed sewing and knitting. I was not always good at it, but I was not half as bad either.  I learned embroidery at my high school in Kashmir.  It was an all-girls school run by missionary nuns from Ireland. The school also employed a lot of talented teachers from local towns and other states.  Embroidery was part of our Home Science class, and I found it enjoyable and deeply satisfying. The idea of making my own clothing and then accessorizing it with ribbons, buttons, thread was challenging, engaging and well, amazing!

Initially, my career path did not lead me to Creative Arts. I got a BS in Engineering and followed that up with a Master’s in Business and Information Technology.  Over time, I got the opportunity to get into Marketing and that’s when the idea of starting a business began to take shape. 


I decided that given my love for embroidery, a business centered around this concept would fit me best. I would create my own designs on clothing and hand bags and other accessories and sell them in local arts and crafts shows and similar events in Long Island. As my designs started to take form, I quickly realized that I needed help. Embroidery is a very time-intensive process, and I needed to find artisans to translate my vision into reality.  Through my family in Kashmir, I was able to connect with a few local artisans whom we had known for a very long time. With their guidance I was able to refine my knowledge of patterns and designs of Kashmiri embroidery. They were very open to the idea of producing unique items based on my designs, and it was especially gratifying that I was helping the indigenous artisans of Kashmir.


Along the way I was also introduced to the Indian Lucknowi style of embroidery which was quite different and had its own set of history and traditions. Learning new styles and helping local artisans has been very 


Covid-19 has been very disruptive to us all. Commerce has been severely impacted, and supply chains have been stretched thin. We are a small local business. Your reviews, comments and patronage are very much appreciated as we cope with life as it is, and look forward to adjusting to the new normal.


Best, Nina



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